Hello ninjas and kunoichi and welcome

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Really many, many questions on social media about the old program and I would ask you to be patient while we answer to all of you. We mentioned that the Takamatsu den program was in Bujinkan from 1973 to 1983 and that is why very few of you know something more about it.

For those who spread untruths and bad stories about us …only briefly: if you haven’t seen something and don’t know anything about it, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist, it means that you haven’t done your research enough!

We put a small price for online training so that everyone can check what it is about and even if you are not satisfied with what you saw your money will be refunded.

Soon we will write the first texts on our blog about how it all started … who the shinobi really were and how shinobi jutsu developed.
Greetings to all and see you at the training!